Critical Incident & Trauma Response Consulting

Training Goals and Objectives


Workplace Resilience in the Face of Trauma

Goals and Objectives:

In this workshop we will cover all the essentials needed to have a resilient and emotionally robust workplace.

Participants will learn:

•  The psychological effects of disasters and critical incidents

• Signs and symptoms of trauma

• Different types of crisis intervention strategies

• Practical tools for responding to a crisis situation

• Psychological effects post-disaster or post-critical incident

• Secondary traumatization

•  Self care

Psychological First Aid

Goals and Objectives:

Psychological First Aid is a supportive intervention for use in the immediate aftermath of disasters, terrorism and large-scale critical incidents. In this workshop we will teach the essentials of Psychological First Aid with an experiential component to practice real-life scenarios. We also provide stress inoculation and resilience boosting tools.

Participants will learn:

•  What is Psychological First Aid (PFA)

•  Basic objectives of PFA

•  When and how to use PFA

•  Core actions and goals

•  Elements of Stress Innoculation

•  Cognitive, behavioral and attitudinal tools to facilitate stress inoculation

Disaster Mental Health in the Workplace 101

Goals and Objectives  

In this training participants will get an overview of Disaster Mental

Health key concepts as they pertain to the workplace.

Participants will learn:

• Phases of Disaster

• Goals of Disaster Mental Health

• Trauma basics: mind, brain and body

• Symptoms of trauma and PTSD

• Types of interventions

• Community and individual interventions

• How to organize and de-escalate a chaotic situation

• Tools of the trade

• Essential skills

• Emotional First Aid

Crisis Preparation and Readiness

Goals and Objectives 

This training will assist your workplace in designing and implementing a Trauma Readiness Plan.

Part 1: Developing your Trauma Readiness structure

We assist you in building a structure that will identify key players in your response strategy and delineate specific roles if a crisis should occur.

Part 2: Establishing the effectiveness of you plan.

We will test and evaluate the effectiveness of your crisis plan structure and train and educate the key players you have identified.

Workplace Violence

Goals and Objectives:

This workshop provides an overview of  workplace violence with practical tools and strategies to faciliate a safe and prepared environment.

Participants will learn:

• Definition and categories of workplace violence

• Assessment and response strategies

• Threat assessment and action tools

• Active Shooter Planning

• Domestic violence and other challenges at work

• Aftermath of workplace violence

Readiness, resilience and robustness

Workplace Grief

Goals and Objectives:

This workshop provides hands-on training to manage grief at the workplace.

“…because Grief doesn’t take a break when you go to work.”*

*Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer

Participants will learn:

• Risk assessment of the workplace when facing grief after the death of an employee, colleague or other impactful loss

• Nuts and bolts of a grief-informed and readiness team

• Traumatic grief reactions and impact on the workforce

• Essential tools for preparation and recovery

• Pre-incident, during-incident and post-incident basics

Vicarious (Secondary) Trauma

Goals and Objectives:

This workshop teaches the essentials of vicarious trauma and how to mitigate it in the workplace.

-- “there is a cost to caring and it’s called compassion fatigue – it is the cumulative stress incurred by the constant giving of oneself in an effort to help others". (Figley, 1995).

Participants will learn:

•   Intro to trauma

•   Trauma and the body

•   Vicarious trauma

•   Signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma

•   How can we prepare for it?

•   Managing vicarious trauma

•   Cumulative stress

•   Resilience