Critical Incident & Trauma Response Consulting

Critical Incident Recovery

If a crisis were to strike your workplace, what would you do?

Call us. Resilience to Recovery can give you answers and peace of mind. A traumatic workplace crisis such as a suicide, shooting, accident or natural disaster can have a serious and long-lasting impact on your organization. That’s especially true with the prime asset of your business: your employees. 

We are ready to help you with trauma counseling, no matter what stage of crisis your company is facing: Preparation for the unexpected, Response to a traumatic event, or Recovery in the weeks following an organizational crisis.

The key to a company’s survival in the face of a crisis is timely intervention. Resilience to Recovery will work with you to create a customized crisis response plan that will help you and your workforce recover as quickly as possible. With our comprehensive, hands-on services, your workforce will be fully attended to and supported.

Contact Resilience to Recovery today to get back on your feet faster.